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Cost vs. Benefit – Marketing the “Stripped Model”

Nathan JarboeInformational, projects

I once made a living helping make automated manufacturing equipment for Toyota. Occasionally I wondered what made a car manufacturer produce so many models of cars, and within each model so many trim levels. It seems a huge waste of resources for the company to do this, but it must pay. The Henry Ford idea of “whatever color you want as long as it is black” seems at first glance to be the way to go. It must not be, or car companies would still do that.

At Schwaniger.pro I am grappling with this quandary as I write this. Is my product too expensive? Does it offer what customers need?

Sometimes there may be room for a “stripped model” such as in the automotive industry. Whether a car has luxurious leather heated seats and DVD player or bland fabric seats it likely shares the same engine, transmission, and 4 tires. Some customers want the extras, and some don’t. Market share can be gained by selling to both customers, as long as the cost of production doesn’t outpace those gains.

Consider Ti-DAWGS. Some customers carry a chainsaw all day in harsh terrain and may be interested in light-weight tools which reduce fatigue. Ti-DAWGS are made to compliment a model of chainsaw which already boasts the highest power-to-weight ratio of any chainsaw in the world – the fuel-injected 500i. Some, however, may simply want a product which does the job, but does it for less. Some may want higher performance, even at a higher price. More market share may be made by selling to both.

Along this vein, Schwaniger Enterprises is soon to introduce a new felling spike product. This product has the same size, shape and function of Ti-DAWGS yet comes with a lower price tag. It will weigh slightly more, but will offer the same basic function as the premium Ti-DAWGS. The product will be less ornate with less laser etching. One could consider this the equivalent of the automobile with the hand-crank windows and manual shift transmission of old. It may cost less, but it will still do the job.

Look soon for the arrival of “SS-DAWGS” made of 304 Stainless Steel.

Keep a lookout at ti-dawgs.com.