Services Offered

  • Custom Design of Parts, Components, Fixtures, Machines
  • 3D Printing with ABS plastic
  • 3D Computer Aided Engineering (CAD) assemblies, exploded views, drawings, and instruction manuals.
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Engineering calculations: Stress, strain, deflection, fluid flow, acceleration, momentum, impact, etc.
  • General Engineering and Problem Solving: We use engineering, physics, and mathematics to get to the "root" of various design and manufacturing problems.

(proprietary information withheld)

  • Wind Energy - calculations of pole strength
  • Manufacturing - galvanizing furnace, design of components with drawings for assembly 
  • Manufacturing Plant Layout - 3D rendering of machinery layout in a factory - Accident Reconstruction 3D image renderings of accident scene
  • Medical – 3D modeling and drawing of silicone test tub seal
  • Petrochemical – shroud design for pressure measurement equipment
  • Electrical - steel pole stress analysis for addition of more loads
  • Recreation – structural calculations and drawings for motor home boat barge system –
  • Manufacturing - trim fixture for silicone parts - Sporting Goods – duck decoy tail flap/wag system – is temporarily closed while manufacturing is scaled up to full mass production. Requests for service may be made at the online contact form at Patent pending. Thank you.