Pro Chainsaw List

Purpose: To help beginners find a top-quality used chainsaw.

After years of struggling with budget-model saws, it is the author's opinion that a pro-level chainsaw is the best option for all users.  Pro-level saws are designed for hard daily use, yet they are perfectly suitable for even the occasional user because they are just better in almost every respect.

Too pricey?  Consider that older pro saws may be found for similar cost as a newer "homeowner" grade saw, yet the older saw will likely outlast the new one due to initial build quality.  Pro saws are also a lot more fun because of their quality features which make them more of a pleasure to use each time you fire it up.

See the following tables for a partial and ever-growing list of pro gasoline-powered saws.

This list is focused on "modern" saws only, i.e. those saws with an integrated chain brake.

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General Professional Saw Features:

- More Expensive (At Initial Purchase)
- More Durable
- More Powerful
- Ease of Maintenance
- Replaceable Parts
- Effective Balance and Vibration Dampening
- Higher Engine Compression
- Designed for Demanding Daily Use
- Rim Sprockets instead of Spur Sprockets (not universal)
- Sold with Full-Chisel Chain, not Semi-Chisel or "Safety" Chain
- Sold and Supported through Factory Dealers with Repair Shops
- Solid Metal Construction in the Regions Supporting the Main Crank Bearings
- Flat-Bottom Cylinder Heads with Flat Mating Gaskets
- Closed Transfer Ports for Better Efficiency and More Power
- High Quality Carburetors or Fuel Injection for Tuning and Durability
- High Quality Electronics and Ignition for Reliability
- Pro Saws Typically Are Not Sold with a Plastic Carry Case

Partial List of Pro Saws by manufacturer:

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