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Who is Schwaniger?

Schwaniger Enterprises is an engineering consulting business which strives to offer the best engineering value possible.

Schwaniger Enterprises is a licensed* professional mechanical engineering service company based in Kentucky. We specialize in design of custom products for discriminating customers.

Among our offerings are machine design, structural analysis, and computer aided design (CAD). We also offer rapid prototyping i.e. "3D printing" to help customers bring new ideas to life and launch new designs on their way to market and mass production.  Chainsaw parts and pro saw information are also part of our site.

* (License KY 26785) is temporarily closed while designs are finalized for full mass production. Requests for service may be made at the online contact form at (Patent Pending) Thank you.


Nathan Jarboe started Schwaniger Enterprises in 2008 as a part time venture and has grown the business from there.

Schwaniger Enterprises is named after Arthur John Schwaniger Jr. of Louisville, KY, who retired in Louisville after a stellar career at NASA in Huntsville, AL.

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Our goals are simple:

  • Determine what the customer actually wants and needs, then give them more than they asked for.
  • Solve unique engineering problems in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Keep operating expenses (which customers ultimately pay for) to a minimum.
  • Maximize repeat business by keeping customers happy.
  • Keep designs robust enough that future maintenance efforts remain at a minimum.
  • Keep up with continuing education to stay abreast of current technology.